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Fatjo's Mixed Martial Arts  provides superior instruction in:
*Mixed Martial Arts
*Muay Thai Kickboxing
*Submission Grappling
*Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
 Our site not only allows you to find out information about our classes, instructors, and our martial arts style, but we also provide you with a huge selection of quality martial arts products available for purchase online. 



The Fatjo's Mixed Martial Arts Method

            Fatjo's Mixed Martial Arts is second to none.  Fatjo's MMA combines the world's most effective martial arts styles, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Philippine Weaponry to create the ultimate self-defense.  Together these elements help to combine the energy of the mind, body and spirit, which leads to overall personal development and well-being.


As any wise architect will tell you, a building is only as good as its foundation. The grander the ultimate design, the deeper and more unshakable must be the foundation.

The teaching methods of Fatjo's MMA focus upon practical techniques that work in real fights. Rather than distract and astound you with an array of spectacular techniques that have little or no practical application, we prefer to concentrate on techniques that will help ensure our student's safety. To that end, we feel we have a moral and ethical obligation to offer a curriculum that has been rigidly tested, exhaustively researched, and proven to be an intelligent and practical method with which to address the realities of an actual self defense situation.

Subsequently, there are many techniques that we chose not to teach here at Fatjo's Mixed Martial Arts. Why? Because there are simpler techniques which are more effective. As we emphasize to our students during their first year of training: we could spend an hour showing you 15 or 20 flashy moves, which would leave you suitably impressed, but completely ignorant. You would walk away from each class bedazzled, but no more prepared to defend yourself than when you first arrived. Such a teaching approach does more to appease the ego of the instructors than it does to satisfy the concerns of the students.


At Fatjo's MMA, we are in the business of addressing our students' concerns. Our personnel are not salesmen, we are teachers. Perhaps it is for this very reason we have this commitment to impart useful knowledge to a student from their very first day of instruction.